Sophia Chang

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Entrepreneur & Designer

Spotlight On Sophia Chang: Co-Founder of We Ascend, a brand experience agency specializing in visual storytelling, forward thinking and experiential events.

Finding the real voices of today is no easy task, so when they come our way, what do we do? Hire them to own our digital presence, of course. Equal parts illustrator, strategist and business owner, Sophia Chang represents the vision of how creatives are working to tell real stories to consumers today.

Born in New York, Sophia had the privilege of learning how to hustle early. She made her rounds through all the creative corners of digital, design and media (working with artist Ryan McGinness, illustrator Frank Stockton, Complex Magazine, PUMA) priming her to be well poised to start her own agency, We Ascend. By introducing businesses to consumers and brands to communities, We Ascend connects creators to help champion engaging stories for clients in the entertainment, performance, wellness, fashion and tech industries.

“Less about you, more about the community”

Having worked at agencies on and off within her career, she has witnessed the huge disconnection that brands have with consumers, and can sense any glimpse of inauthenticity. When asked on how to speak to millennials: “Most companies are sitting behind desks googling new partners or influencers, or looking at ‘cool’ blogs to define what the next trend is and compiling that information into a deck. At We Ascend, we are the answer. We have our foot on the ground, our fingers on the pulse, and our head in the clouds dreaming about the endless opportunities for brand partnerships and packaging the stories. We know how to make the stories taste good, and seduce, and inspire consumers to want more.”

Sophia is currently working on an ongoing project UNDO-Ordinary, a media platform that brings an honest voice to how we talk about health and wellness, packaged for creatives, powered by community. Stay tuned for the latest issue coming out in July this year for a refreshing take on the most widespread topics discussed today.