Anthony Demby

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Spotlight On: Anthony Demby, founder of Humbleriot – an idea shop that leverages music, cultural programming and social impact to create dynamic experiences by telling compelling stories for brands, artists and mission-driven organizations.

Growing up in Houston, Anthony has always been wired for a deep connection to music who tends to be several steps ahead of what makes something catch. His innate curiosity in his young years quickly launched a career working for record labels like Mercury, Arista, Aftermath and management company DAS Communications where he worked directly with artists like John Legend, The Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, to name a few.

“Be authentic, intentional, stay curious, create space to pursue and receive what you cannot yet see.”

His time spent traversing the music business helped develop a deep industry knowledge and intuition that lay the stones for his own culture shop. In 2011, he founded Humbleriot and began architecting music strategies for brands such as Sonos, Google, The Infatuation, and Obama Foundation, and was integral in the early rise of artist Childish Gambino.

Like many creative entrepreneurs today, Anthony has had to adapt to the demands of what has turned into a complex, cultural layer cake of cross-breeding disciplines, and has done so with gut instincts and a clear vision of what’s in his toolbox. “I don’t view Humbleriot as a brand, I see it more as a mindset. We fight for things that we believe in but with compassion and use music, culture, storytelling, and social impact as our weapons of choice.”

For his latest project, Anthony was tapped to be the Music Supervisor for South Side, a new show on Comedy Central that premiered earlier this week offering a comedic and authentic look at what life is like in Chicago’s South Side. “The role has allowed me to know the characters and narrative of the show on an intimate level to create a sonic footprint that brought the narrative of Chicago’s Urban communities to life – music ended up becoming another character in the show.”