Chico Macmurtrie


The Amorphic Robotic Church in Red Hook

Since the late 1980s, Chico MacMurtrie has explored the intersection of robotic sculpture, new media installation, and performance. MacMurtrie’s work investigates organic life from deep within, finding geometry in all living systems.

Formely a Norwegian Seaman’s Church in Red Hook, The Robotic Church is now where artist Chico MacMurtrie works. There, he unveiled the secrets of his robotic and kinetic sculptures, and treated us to a magical, visual, and acoustic immersion into his performance world. Cadillac provided the transportation, driving our passion and curiosity to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

As part of Cadillac’s #CreativelyDriven campaign highlighting artists, this piece dives into the thought process behind Chico’s work. It looks at his past and present body of work – ultimately culminating in a performance by his robot tribe.

“If you were to take a scalpel and rip through the middle of my chest, my ribs would be catapulted outward and my organs would fly towards you right? Picture that.”


“"I create work focused on the most primitive aspect of being a human."”

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