The New Black Vanguard

By curator and art critic Antwaun Sargent

In collaboration with Aperture, Antwaun Sargent took the stage with photographers Tyler Mitchell and Jamal Nxedlana for the launch of Sargent’s new book, The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion. In his book, Antwaun addresses a radical transformation taking place in fashion and art today. The work included opens up the conversations around the representation of the Black body and Black lives as subject; collectively, the fifteen artists included in the book celebrate Black creativity and the cross-pollination between art, fashion, and culture in constructing an image.

Antwaun sat down with NeueHouse for an intimate conversation about the book, and the exploration of black representation in the marketplace, as seen through an eclectic selection of photographers.

“In our society and in our culture, what we’ve seen is blackness is represented in one particular way...what these photographers have done is open up the space for representation.”