Daniel Arsham "3018"

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An Offsite Tour of Daniel Arshams "3018" at Perrotin Gallery

Daniel Arsham, artist and co-founder of Brooklyn studio Snarkitecture, took NeueHouse members on a private tour of his latest exhibition, 3018 which marks his fifteenth exhibition with Perrotin since 2005. Though the exhibition contains pieces never before seen in New York, Arsham’s distinct signature is very present: “dystopian vision of the future” – in which culture as we know it today is eroded, and the objects of modern life have fallen into aestheticized obsolescence.

“The Future isn’t what it used to be.”

Arsham explores material, both synthetic and manmade, in ways that overlap, manipulate and distort your perception of what is real – eroding any semblance of its’ original state. True to his signature gesture, Arsham uses a transpositional effect by casting common objects in geological materials that render them as obsolete as they are recognizable, thus highlighting their iconic status.