Leica x NeueHouse

A new editorial series in partnership with Leica Camera featuring four cutting-edge photographers bearing witness through stories that are wholly their own.


Mention the name Leica Camera to pretty much any photographer working today, and you’ll see a certain look. The look is one part childlike wonder and one part how do I get my hands on one? So when our friends at Leica Camera asked if we’d be interested in collaborating on an editorial series, we jumped at the opportunity.

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce a new installment of Leica Camera’s ongoing The World Deserves Witnesses campaign featuring artists bearing witness to the drama of the human condition in the world around them through stories that are wholly their own.

Working across diverse areas of the medium, the series features original photographic portfolios by Balarama Heller, Pia Riverola, Kendall Bessent and Jessica Foley. Balarama Heller probes both the outer and inner reaches of nature in otherworldly nighttime images. Pia Riverola finds moments of unabashed beauty and ravishing color in far-flung places. Kendall Bessent explores the complexities of Blackness — the beauty, strength, love and happiness that are all a part of the Black experience. A maestro at creating a palpable sense of intimacy, Jessica Foley captures the beauty in humanity.

In addition to sharing their original works, we’ll sit down with each photographer to hear how they work, what they set out to capture and what they discovered along the way. First installment coming soon.

Kendall Bessent
Pia Riverola
Balarama Heller
Jessica Foley