Tough Conversations in Good Humor

Let's talk about the hard stuff.

At a time when good intentions and well wishes are no longer enough, we come together for a discussion series about looking inward and asking tough questions that often otherwise won’t get asked.

NeueHouse Members and longtime friends Danielle James, founder of Model Citizen, and Adam MacLean, founder #PostShame share the stage to ask each other the questions they may be afraid to ask in any other context.

Change is a grassroots movement and we each play a part. We hope #SafeSpace encourages viewers to have the tough conversations at home and with the people in their respective lives.

Episode 7 - 9.23.20

Episode 6 - 9.09.20

Episode 5 - 8.26.20

Episode 4 - 8.12.20

Episode 3 - 7.29.20

Episode 2 - 7.16.20

Episode 1 - 7.02.20