Ilyasah Shabazz

on Disrupting Mentorship

Honoring Black History Month

NeueHouse member Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, was welcomed to the stage to share stories from her past, her groundbreaking work and what Black History Month means to her.

Within the conversation, Ilyasah discussed the role as a mentor to the youth, based on the influential impact that both her mother and father had in her own experience with mentorship.

“Both of my parents sacrificed themselves to make a difference, and to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

She continued to say, “It was very important for my father that no one’s human rights were violated. He said that peace and freedom were interchangeable.”

As a board member of WAFF (We Are Family Foundation), Ilyasah is actively involved in ways to approach a new model of collaboration and mentorship. We Are Family Foundation powers youth around the world who are changing the game with their ideas, innovations and social good solutions. Born into a life of enormous expectation, Ilyasah uses her background to disrupt methods of mentorship by empowering future generations through understanding the world’s diverse cultures and historic civilizations.

As she reflected on hope for all of the injustices that currently exist today, she shared these stories in hopes to remind us all that the work must continue, but in order for us to truly progress, we have to do so in unity.

The event at NeueHouse Madison Square offered members the opportunity to take part of the WAFF mentorship program and support some of the most extraordinary young people who are helping to solve the global problems.