Raise Your Voice

Dialogue and Tools To Become an Agent of Change


In collaboration with leading thinkers and activists who inform, motivate and inspire active citizenship, NeueHouse is proud to present Raise Your Voice – an initiative designed to help us all become more effective citizens.

Through discussion, resources and collaborations with organizations versed in enfranchisement and voter education, we are on a mission to help educate, organize and act.

Today more than ever, it feels we are more aware and engaged with social issues but often unsure of the next step. We hope these tools will make it easier for us to move forward to a more diverse, inclusive and just society.


The Importance of Local Elections: What is City Council Really Responsible For? 

Thursday, October 29

With the spotlight tightly focused on national elections, it’s easy to lose sight of local elections. But it’s important not to. City councils control local taxes, public improvements and even traffic regulations.

Join city council candidates Nithya Raman for Los Angeles District 4 and Marti Cummings for New York City’s District 7 in a discussion about what it’s like to be a candidate for city council and why they are focusing on local government to make change. Find out how you can be better informed regarding your local elections and thus make greater impact on the communities where you live.

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Know Your Voting Rights: What Does the Constitution Actually Say About Voting? 

Wednesday, September 02

Learn from this actionable discussion on how the Founding Fathers framed voting; how the Constitution has impacted voter suppression; and how voting rights stand today. Gain insight that can help you protect your and your community’s ability to vote.

Led by Ben Sheehan, activist and author of OMG What Does the Constitution Actually Say? and Kat Calvin, Founder and Executive Director of Spread the Vote and Project ID.

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Deadline to Request a Ballot
  • New York – October 27
  • California – No request needed (all ballots are mailed automatically to registered voters)
  • The US Postal Service recommends voters request ballots by October 19


Ballots Must Be Postmarked By
  • New York – November 3
  • California – November 3


Ballots Must Be Received By
  • New York – November 10
  • California – November 17



Ben Sheehan

Founder of OMG WTF Vote and author of OMG What Does the Constitution Actually Say?



Kat Calvin

Founder and Executive Director of Spread The Vote and Project ID Action Fund