A collective bringing (bi)lateral thinking to creative and narrative strategy.

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Fabrice Nadjari, Rodolphe Ködderitzsch & Savinien Caracostea

Spotlight On: TETATET, a creative, strategy and innovation practice helping leaders, brands and organizations in luxury, hospitality, technology, politics and academia transform and shape their future. They bring bilateral thinking to creative and narrative strategy – a “tête à tête” between technological progress and human stories.

TETATET formed at NeueHouse between members Fabrice Nadjari and Savinien Caracostea after meeting at a programming event. Fabrice, a creative strategist, entrepreneur and visual storyteller brings 15 years of experience to brands, organizations and cultural institutions while Savinien is an architect, designer, and pastry chef who has consulted with world-class fashion brands and hospitality groups. Impressed with each others disparate but related backgrounds, they entertained the idea of forming a collective with the sole purpose of colliding institutional work with differing creative pursuits. Soon after, NeueHouse member Rodolphe Ködderitzsch joined, a creative innovator with 15 years of experience as an executive in tech and media, followed by Youmna Chamcham, a digital content designer and founder of the Live Love movement, and Naheima Sears, who has held executive positions at Armani, Dior, Montblanc and Acne Studios.

“Observe the human traits which are underpinning larger trends in culture and technology”

The think tank has transformed into a full service creative shop, where their widespread areas of focus have collectively come together to make truly progressive and impactful work from all corners of the creative landscape. Savinien states, “Our creative philosophy is to observe the human traits which are underpinning larger trends in culture and technology as a way of re-enchanting the world.”

They have created go to market strategies for Google and Kickstarter and designed an internal training program for Dior. Most recently, the team is focused on the importance of risk-taking in defining luxury in the new decade.