ESPN: The Last Dance

A Masterclass in Storytelling

When it comes to peeling back the layers of a giant, how do you tell a story so big with such intimacy and precision?

Michael Jordan is perhaps one of the most influential and paradoxical public figures of our time – exceeding excellence beyond comprehension. In the documentary series The Last Dance, ESPN unpacks over twenty years of Jordan’s complex path to stardom, articulated with a warts-and-all recollection of his rise to success.

Join the masterminds behind The Last Dance including Director, Jason Hehir; Executive Producer, Michael Tollin, and Senior Vice President and Executive Producer at ESPN, Connor Schell for an uninhibited conversation on where the art of storytelling brought wisdom, humanity and life to the story of the most compelling player in the history of sports. Conversation moderated by Libby Hill, TV Awards Editor at Indiewire.