Equity + Innovation
in Food Sourcing

with Broken Spanish + Life & Thyme

America’s industrial agricultural complex has proven to be catastrophic to the planet, as well as reliant on the exploitation of farm worker workers.

Protecting our foodways through ethical and sustainable practices could be the key to building a new future for how our food is grown, sourced and distributed.

In 2014, Masienda set out to find the perfect corn tortilla, finding it in Oaxaca. Rather than sourcing industrialized corn, Masienda began collaborating with Mexican communities, bringing greater job opportunities to farmers in Mexico, while also sharing heirloom corn varieties with restaurants across America.

Girl & Dug Farm is introducing new ingredients to consumers and chefs that can act as sustainable alternatives to monocultures. Their scientific approach to farming and experimentation has made their produce inherently different and an exciting addition to menus and pantries across the U.S.

As Chef Ray Garcia brings his critically acclaimed restaurant, Broken Spanish, to NeueHouse in Los Angeles, he continues his partnership with Masienda and Girl & Dug to feature their ingredients in his Alta California-inspired dishes. This intentional sourcing is an extension of Broken Spanish’s mission of having dish preparations rooted in long-established traditions refined with a modern sensibility.