Dining with Thom Browne

A Dinner Series with Farfetch

As we enjoy the last few fleeting moments of the heat and the official end of seersucker season, we’re thinking about our dinner with Thom Browne and Farfetch as part of our Dining in Color sessions, where we bring together creative visionaries for an evening of conversation.

With a history of reinterpreting our expectation of what fashion should be, Thom Browne envisions the classic seersucker pattern with a contemporary and personal twist. He is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s uniform: the suit. By questioning traditional values, Browne’s designs consistently convey a true American sensibility rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring.

“Thom Browne envisions the classic seersucker pattern with a contemporary and personal twist”

Debuting a new collection at the dinner, entirely fabricated out of the aforementioned material, he successfully recontextualizes this blue and white fabric, causing us to consider our associations with it and fashion’s complex relationship with culture.

So what exactly is seersucker? Although typically associated with prep school boys and summer gatherings, its history originates on another continent – invented in India, and adopted by the British colonists as they adjusted to the hotter climate.

Fashion is often reflective of our cultural values. At the home of the new and with the support of Farfetch, we are exploring the boundary between aesthetics, function and where they intersect and influence culture at large.

“Fashion is often reflective of our cultural values. ”

Imbuing this fabric with new meaning, the clothing was activated by guests adorned in his vision for how seersucker should be worn. NeueHouse members and guests such as curator and activist Kimberly Drew, artist Jacolby Satterwhite, playwright Jeremy O’Harris, and actor Charlie Heaton joined us for a quintessential Nantucket meal. Through this subversion of both its technical and social history, Thom Browne adds another layer to the history of seersucker.

Complete with lobster, we toasted to creativity, curiosity and an infinite summer.