Cora Neumann


Spotlight On Cora Neumann: founder of RESET and the Global First Ladies Alliance, both dedicated to unleashing untapped potential in women and provoking political, social and cultural change.

Cora has always been on a mission to empower and support leaders at every level. Early in her career, she spent several years working alongside indigenous tribal leaders with the goal of helping them document and preserve their deep rooted cultures. This work helped inspire the formation of RESET, an initiative that aims to strengthen native leadership in the fight to preserve America’s public lands. “Native communities have the longest history of championing land protection, but have been silenced within the conservation movement and largely left out of federal land management.” RESET’s current project, centered around preserving the Bears Ears region of the Grand Canyon, caught the eye of Patagonia, who recently signed on as an official supporter.

“Listen deeply, then act”

Her efforts to assist and aid leaders don’t stop there. In addition to having worked under the Obama administration at the State Department, Cora founded the Global First Ladies Alliance. “[First Ladies] have an incredibly important role to play, but society wasn’t respecting or investing in them.” Over the past 10 years, Cora has helped over 45 First Ladies globally to strategize on programmatic and policy initiatives, playing a pivotal role in changing global attitudes and behaviors.

Cora brings her passion to empower women and leaders each month to the Women’s Forum at NeueHouse, a monthly gathering facilitated by Cora and formed to build a community for women to lead during a time when their voices are needed most. “The forum is a place for women to support each other both personally and professionally. My goals are to create a safe space that fosters women’s growth, allows them to be vulnerable, and to both ask for support and be supportive.”

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