Future Techne Recap

ART& Design: Suchi Reddy & Güvenç Özel

ART&Technology: Danny Cole and Tabitha Swanson Discuss AI and Art


A Week of Art + Culture

ART& Technology

Venice Beach

Todes Juntes: A Mural by Marcel Pardo Ariza


The Innovator: George Clinton

Madison Square

Sloane Crosley

The Beloved Author and Humorist Answers Our House Questionnaire

Nada Alic’s Bad Thoughts

Inside & Out with the LA Fiction Writer at NeueHouse Bradbury

Sunset Sounds: Bob Moses

NeueHouse Hollywood

The Return of Banks

Banks returns to NeueHouse ahead of the release of her fourth album, Serpentina

Pencils Down | Rosario Dawson, Shepard Fairey, & Jenny Dembrow

Presenting 'Blackalachia', Sumney sat down for a Q&A with Tracey Ryans followed by an afterparty at Chapel Bar in celebration of this remarkable work.

An Evening with Moses Sumney

Madison Square

Live Talk: Building the Metaverse

Hosted by Dezeen x NeueHouse

NeueHouse & Platform Pair Up 

A new IRL series offering an inside look at what's exciting in the art world today.

Sunset Sounds: Arlo Parks

NeueHouse Hollywood

In Sheep’s Clothing Extended

The Audiophiles Continue Their Summer Residency at NeueHouse Hollywood

Pencils Down | Artists Faile, Faith XLVII, & Cey Adams

Artists Faile, Faith XLVII and Cey Adams on Creative Life During the Pandemic

Faces From Photo Factory After Hours

The faces of After Hours.

In Sheep’s Clothing

A HiFi Listening Experience at NeueHouse Hollywood