Easy Like Sunday Morning

Curator Mashonda Tifrere's Group Show at NeueHouse Venice Beach

Easy 1 Min (1)
Monica Ikegwu. Ring II, 2023

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A Warm Embrace of Timeless Serenity
Curated by Mashonda Tifrere

Easy Like Sunday Morning is a group exhibition exploring themes of rest, regeneration and restoration. Featuring eight emerging artists, it spans genres and media in pieces that reflect the beauty and mystery of nature and the unknown, together presenting a visual sanctuary that offers the viewer a moment of serenity away from the world’s chaos.

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L: Israel McCloud R: Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe

At the heart of Easy Like Sunday Morning is curator Mashonda Tifrere’s own commitment to nurturing artistic talent and amplifying diverse voices. She is the founder of ArtLeadHER, an organization that curates opportunities for women in visual arts, and Art Genesis, a non-profit organization dedicated to building a sustainable marketplace for emerging and established artists.

Members and guests are invited to NeueHouse Venice Beach to view the exhibition through May 29, 2024. For details on how to purchase artwork inquire here.

Easy 3 Min (1)
L: Sheherazade Thenard. R: Kevin Williams

Creative Spotlight
A few words with curator Mashonda Tifrere

NeueJournal: Tell us about the exhibition. Where did the idea for ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ first originate?

Mashonda Tifrere:
I must admit, Lionel Richie’s song lingered persistently in my thoughts. Its emotional depth resonated profoundly with feelings I’ve been grappling with lately, amidst the tumultuous state of the world. With conflicts raging across nations and inner turmoil simmering within individuals, it feels as though we’re collectively drained, devoid of tranquility. I felt like “Easy Like Sunday Morning” would be a good way to remind people that rest and recalibration amount to self-love and care. These are necessary components, if we all want to survive and thrive optimally.

How does an exhibition begin for you? Does the concept lead the work, or a particular piece of work inspire an idea for an exhibition?
Mashonda Tifrere:
That’s such a great question – it can honestly go either way but most times I’ll come up with a concept from a dream or a song, or I may envision a space filled with people with a desire to feel a certain way. I’ve also curated shows that were based on my own life experiences.

NeueJournal: As a collector and a curator, you focus a lot on spotlighting new and emerging artists. What do you look for in new talent?

Mashonda Tifrere:
The number one thing I look for is a deep passion evident both in the artist’s work and their dedication to their craft. Following closely is the level of commitment. Are they treating their art as a pastime, or do they have ambitions for a true artistic career? While quality of the work is always a requirement as well, I also believe that if the first two criteria are present, quality can develop overtime.

NeueJournal: You’ve spoken about the importance of collecting as a means of not only honoring but preserving Black culture. Can you talk a little about what you mean by that?

Mashonda Tifrere: As a Black women who has been exposed to the rich history of both Caribbean and African American culture, it is important to honor, support and protect artists that look like me by collecting and advocating for them and their work. If I purchase art that reminds me of my own life or my ancestors, there’s immediately a spiritual connection. It will live with me and my family will enjoy it for decades. I’m not buying it to flip it and make it an investment.

NeueJournal: You’re a multidisciplinary, multi-hyphenate creative yourself. Author, singer, songwriter, activist, entrepreneur, curator. What’s one piece of art (visual or otherwise) that has had a personal influence on you and the way you approach your own work?

Mashonda Tifrere:

I would have to say that music is one of my greatest inspirations. It has influenced my entire life. It’s a universal language . It seals moments in time and most days empowers me to keep pushing forward.

NeueJournal: What are you working on next?
Mashonda Tifrere:
My goodness, so many great things. More art, more music, a book and lots of community projects. My brain is always creating.

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