Exploring Space

Summer 2020

“A Letter from the Editor”

NeueHouse has always been a platform for discourse and discovery. As we move forward, we remain committed to this discourse with a renewed sense of purpose and a continued focus on amplifying our Members’ stories. Deeper examinations into ideas, ongoing dialogues, new experiences – all centered around themes that permeate the cultural zeitgeist, and even more importantly, connect with the challenges and opportunities faced by the creative community.

This summer, we explore a concept that touches us every day – Space. The concept of space – whether physical, mental, emotional, creative, or digital is deeply intertwined with the shifting realities of today. Space can be positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep, and two-dimensional or three-dimensional. We are paradoxically defined by these spaces and help to define them. We inhabit them and they inhabit us.

We are rooted in a dedication and devotion to carefully designed, safe creative and mental space. And, while each of these of these categories of space are independently interesting, it is the way in which they profoundly influence each other that we find fascinating. How can we better understand and strengthen the connective tissue between the mental and emotional, physical and the digital – all in the pursuit of elevating ourselves and each other.

Over the next few months, we are committed to uncovering the multi-faceted and changing world of Space – through discussions on the intersectionality of the LGBTQ and Black communities on what it means to create an open and safe space, to exploring how digital platforms are altering our interactions with arts and culture, and an immersive musical performance that questions how the augmentation of a physical space can influence our creative capacity.

All of these experiences collectively aim to provoke new ideas and new ways of thinking – helping push all of us on our creative journey. We look forward to sharing in these moments with you.

– NeueHouse