Matt McGorry + Richie Reseda

Arts & Entertainment: A Vehicle for Social Justice

Throughout time, there's been no clearer path to understanding and examining periods of our culture than through the arts.

Today, the never-ending blitz of TV and digital news clouds our ability to deeply comprehend and connect with the realities and injustices that ripple through our society. The opportunity for a greater connection to the issues of our time lie within creative storytelling and art. These creative acts provide a vehicle for understanding turning passive observers into accomplices for change. But how are these stories told? What role can arts and entertainment play in order to be used as a mechanism for understanding dominant narratives in current culture?

NeueHouse welcomes actor, activist and Co-Founder of Inspire Justice, Matt McGorry and abolitionist and Founder of Question Culture, Richie Reseda to share their experience in leveraging art and entertainment as a means to inspire new narratives of equity and change.