October Events

Madison Square



A Member Hideaway Like None Other

Named for the Patron Saint of Photography, Verōnika is our new restaurant, perched over Park Avenue inside Fotografiska. Whether you drop by for a casual rendezvous over cocktails and bites after a day at the house, or reserve a table for dinner, Verōnika is our new evening to late-night hideaway for members to socialize and connect with priority access.



Chapel Bar

Now Reopened

Tucked away in Fotografiska and a former 19th-century chapel reimagined, Chapel Bar is home to an exclusive member lounge after dark including a stellar cocktail program, live events and perform. To book a table email


03 MON

In Conversation: Cody Keenan

6 PM

Cody Keenan, Barack Obama's Chief White House speechwriter, joins us with actor and writer Kal Penn to celebrate the release of Keenan's new book GRACE: President Obama and Ten Days in the Battle for America. Keenan and Penn are friends and former colleagues — both worked in the Obama administration — and will join us on stage for a conversation followed by an audience Q&A.


05 WED

Wellness Wednesday

5–7 PM

In a world of health fads and passing trends, Ayurveda — derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science) — has withstood the test of time. Originating in India over 3,000 years ago. Yoom founder France Brunel sits down with third-generation Ayurvedic practitioner, Nidhi Pandya, to discuss the difference between myth and medicine, and share guidance on forging your own viable path towards holistic health.


06 THU

Beyond NFTs

5:30 PM

Web3 has enabled many brands and individuals to build exponentially, but how is that sustainable in a bear market? We unpack it all with the leaders in the field.

Kevin McCoy - First Artist to Ever Mint an NFT
Nicole Sales - Head of Digital and NFTs at Christies
Stephen Bliss - GTA and Fear City Artist
Moderated by Louisa St. Pierre


10 MON

In Focus: Netflix's "How to Change Your Mind"

6 PM

Join us for a screening of the Netflix Original Documentary Series How to Change Your Mind from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollan and Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, exploring what psychedelics can teach us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and transcendence. The event is co-hosted by MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), the leading psychedelic research organization dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances since 1986, and will be followed by a Q&A with Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS.


11 TUE

In Conversation: Oz Garcia

6 PM

Join us in conversation with Oz Garcia celebrating the launch of his latest book, "After Covid: Optimize Your Health in a Changing World.

Dr. Oz Garcia is a New York City based nutritionist. He is an expert in anti-aging nutrition and the author of several books on the matter including Redesigning 50: The No-Plastic-Surgery Guide to 21st-Century Age Defiance.


17 MON

In Focus: Following The Thread

5 PM

Artist and award-winning video maker Kathy Brew comes to NeueHouse for a screening of her documentary 'Following the Thread', that spotlights indigenous weaving communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


21 FRI

In Conversation: Peter Gabriel

7 PM

Musical legend Peter Gabriel co-founded Reverberation — an "entertainment and media brain-on-music studio" that empowers people to use music to improve and enhance every aspect of their lives.

Join us for a conversation and Q&A with the artist himself as he addresses the power of music to not only entertain, but to create moods, consolidate memories, and amplify habits and emotions.


24 MON

In Focus: KINEMA Presents “CineHidalgo”

5 PM

Join us for a night of powerful short films — "Fannie" and "Cine Hidalgo" — followed by a Q&A with their respective directors, Olivia Hefferman and Christine Swanson.

"Fannie" directed by Christine Swanson
Centered around civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer’s riveting speech during the Democratic National Convention in 1964, Oscar-Nominated Actress, Aunjanue Ellis (King Richard) reenacts the iconic pioneer’s moving words in this powerful short film.

"Cine Hidalgo" directed by Olivia Hefferman
Featuring a culturally impactful cinema, Cine Hidalgo beautifully follows the story of a family’s mission to bring film to the community in rural town, Huamuxtitlan, Mexico.


25 TUE

In Conversation: Un.Done

6 PM

Open Relationships: The New Normal?

There's a ton of social stigma around talking about sex, sexuality, and pleasure, as well as the stress, jealousy, and anxiety that arise in romantic and/or sexual relationships. Not tonight — join us for a panel that will challenge our societal biases as well as offer guidance for navigating non-traditional relationships and a roadmap for this new, sex-positive world of relating.


28 FRI

In Focus: "It Came From The Closet"

5 PM

Join us for a spellbinding conversation about queerness and horror films, between author and editor of "It Came From The Closet” Joe Vallese & NYTimes Horror Critic Erik Piepenberg.

From Hitchcock to Halloween to Hereditary, queer and trans writers reflect on the horror films that shaped them and shook them.