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Wednesday, December 13

Amidst the current technological revolution in artificial intelligence, the Future Technê Summit: Forming Intelligence is an evening symposia that will bring together artists, technologists, as well as industry and academic leaders to unpack the philosophical and practical underpinnings of intelligence, both human and nonhuman. The summit asks: What is intelligence? Specifically, what are the innate, ancestral, and embodied modes of intelligence that we possess as humans, and are amplifying as we envision the future? What do we gain, lose, and learn as we become enmeshed with new systems of intelligence? How do we shape new modes of intelligence so that they offer a fair representation of our world today?

Curated by Zandie Brockett, Director of Community + Culture at NeueHouse, together with Claire Webb, Director of Future Humans at Berggruen Institute, the Future Technê Summit presents and explores, through cross-disciplinary dialogue and site-specific artistic presentation, how the material application of legacy and novel intelligent technological systems can, in tandem, produce new future imaginaries.

Powered by Lucid and in collaboration with the Berggruen Institute and Rhizome, NeueHouse will host this summit and a pop-up book fair to present a selection of books that speak to various forms of intelligence.

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