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Celebrating 10 Years of New

For a decade, NeueHouse has been ahead of the curve in imagining the ideal space for a new way of working. Established as the home for new ideas, connections, and groundbreaking cultural happenings, we took an unconventional and holistic approach to supporting the multifaceted creative lifestyles of our members, and built a platform where their innovative pursuits could be shared.

As we approach the next ten years and an unprecedented creative landscape, we forge ahead on a path carved by the ever-evolving needs of our members, guided by our original brand pillars of authenticity, generosity, kindness, and curiosity.

We lean into our role as a generative platform for work, culture, community, and connections; and promise to continue enriching our Houses as fertile grounds for members to cultivate their personal, professional, and creative lives.

Stay tuned for what's new.